Lovina Pivin's Page

A few things by me and about me for the world to see.
I am known for what I do for others - Nurse, Counselor, Mother and Wife.
What little time I have for myself I spend exercising, working crossword puzzles and tending my little vegetable and flower garden in the "desert".
Lovina Pivin In my most recent career as a Counselor I have helped many people with family problems. Much of these experiences and observations along with years of training have given me ideas which have been put into a series of articles which appeared in a Casa Grande, AZ newspaper.

Many people in Arizona receive help through the generosity of Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Flinn. The mission of The Flinn Foundation was stated quite simply by them:
"To Improve the Quality of Life in Arizona."

The AMA Department of Mental Health has a home page which has links to many on-line resources on mental health issues.

I am a graduate of the Master of Counseling Program at Arizona State University.
My resume describes my careers in nursing and counseling.

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